All CAMC heavy-duty trucks have stood strict tests.After the parts laboratory tests for the whole vehicle, major parts and assembly pieces, the harsh proving ground tests followed.

CAMC heavy-duty trucks withstood a great many harsh tests which include those on mountain highways, high-speed loops, cobblestone roads, stone roads, twisted way and washboard roads.

With scientific distribution of bodywork intensity, the design of CAMC heavy-duty trucks ensures maximum
protection for people within the truck when a clash occurs.The cab adopts an arc-shaped three-dimensional designwhich ensures a spacious and bright driving room and a broad vision. The decoration is both luxury and practical, with all internal decorations being done with world top grade green materials. The cab is equipped with advanced fittings,ensuring a stable and reliable performance and a comfortable driving.

The full steel cab adopts the computer optimized design and absorbs the advantages of Mitsubishi technology which ensures a reasonable safety space and a high bodywork intensity, thus giving the driver maximum protection and increasing the bodywork’s anti-collision capability.

The arc-shaped three-dimensional design increases the height and width of the cab and ensures a spacious driving room. Besides, the enlarged front windshield broadened the driving vision, and the exquisite driver dashboard and the operation instruments equipped in accordance with using frequency have all made the driving easier and more comfortable.

middle controlled locks and reading folder                           ash tray

                        driving data recorder                                                  ash trayarc-shaped three-dimensional cab

friendly driving space                                                                            adjustable steering wheel

sundries box                                                                                             safety belt

convertible glass shelf

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