Currently, the transportation industry in Malaysia , the European and Japanese brands of heavy-duty trucks in the majority, but in recent years a growing number of Chinese heavy truck brand into the Malaysian market , the market 's influence is gradually rising.

At this stage, Malaysia is massive construction projects , engage in infrastructure construction , the demand for heavy trucks in the rise of affordable Chinese heavy truck , it is a good opportunity to compete for market share .

SINOTRUCK Group is China's leading heavy truck manufacturer. By means of strong economic growth in Malaysia , SINOTRUCK Group truck sales in the Malaysian market is expected to take the next step .

In addition , this year, Malaysia 's exports to China CAMC heavy-duty trucks has been ranked in the forefront of the domestic heavy truck export volume of the country . CAMC Southeast Asia has been an important export market . This year, Malaysia and Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and abroad continue to flock CAMC heavy-duty trucks. According to CAMC Group overseas business person in charge of the Southeast Asian market , the Malaysian market is the Chinese brand export success story.

Currently Malaysia transport models in Europe and Japan, the majority of the brand , but a growing number of Chinese heavy truck brand into the Malaysian market , we understand that another Chinese Dongfeng heavy truck brand also entered the Malaysian market in recent years .

A few years ago the global financial turmoil in the next few years will undoubtedly have impact on Malaysia , the Malaysian market, the current need for effective , affordable and reliable trucks , Chinese heavy truck market in Malaysia is an important option .

As China continues to penetrate the heavy truck market in the Southeast Asian market customer awareness of Chinese truck brands are increasingly high.

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